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  • Leyton

    Front-End Developer

    ​With the help of Vaishali, I have been able to find and secure an exciting new software development role.Vaishali did a great job at matching my skills to the opportunities available and I will be able to focus on the areas of development that most interest me in my new role.I greatly appreciate the help that Vaishali provided with liaising interviews and the conversations that have led me to my offer of employment.

  • Michelle

    Business Analyst

    ​Kasia and Ana were both extremely helpful and responsive throughout the application and interview process.

  • Computer Concepts Limited

    A massive thank you to the whole team of placeMe for all the help you have provided us over the years, we have really appreciated all the amazing team members you have found for us. Stay Awesome​

  • Liam

    Engineering Manager

    ​Greg and Dom were instrumental in helping me secure an amazing opportunity. They understood my background and what I was looking for in a role, and they were attentive and adaptable throughout the entire process. I'm extremely grateful, and cannot recommend them enough.

  • Renier

    Systems Engineer

    ​"Results Oriented" is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Dominic. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him when I have started looking for new opportunities few months ago.I believe he is one of the "exceptional" recruitment specialist I have met. Just right after he first get in touch with me, Dominic was able to present me to various companies and scheduled me to multiple job interviews.I am overwhelmed with the amount of effort he has done to help me find the right company. Moreover, the best part of it is that he was able to help me discover a job opportunity/company that will offer me the job and place my family and I desires which is in Nelson City/Tasman.I am very impressed with his communication and time mangement skills. He was able to help me find the right job and company and right place in just less than 2 weeks.Above all, I am really grateful to have met Dominic. He is indeed a true asset to his company. My will definitely recommend him to all employers who needs a recruitment support because he will not not only meet but exceed your expectations and to job seekers who wants to be connected to the Right people and the right IT job and place they want to be!

  • Curdin

    Technical Lead

    ​Greg and his team are an awesome bunch!I had just decided to have a look at what roles are out there when he got in touch. Within a month I signed for a role that ticked all the boxes for me. Throughout the process Greg communicated in a timely fashion, helped out where needed and made sure my now employer kept things moving.Greg is very personable. We had a good few laughs and a week after I started the most amazing cake, or should I say chocolate mountain, arrived at work.I highly recommend Greg if you're out there looking for your next opportunity.

  • Lewis

    DevOps Engineer

    ​Ana worked with me to help me find an opportunity to move into a more focused area of technology. The whole time she was always prompt with communication, kind and always on to it. Ana and the PlaceMe IT team have been excellent to work with.

  • Ben

    Service Desk

    ​Joe and Tom from PlaceMe both rallied round to find me a great role that ticked all the boxes. They managed to tick all the boxes I had requested in a short amount of time with clear and proactive comms throughout, cheers team!

  • Chris

    Senior Test Analyst

    ​Vaishali responded immediately to my request looking for work. She took a close interest in what I was looking for and put me in contact with who I needed. Definitely someone who I would turn to when I need a placement. Awesome job!

  • Roberto

    Senior Cloud Developer

    Greg helped me get placed into my latest role in about 1 week, which in my view, is amazing. I am very happy at my new job, we (me, the team, and other coworkers) have such a great synergy, I was able to tell that from the early interview stages. I am glad that Greg and PlaceMe were able to facilitate that in record time. I definitely recommend Greg and the PlaceMe team for your hiring needs.​

  • Jeremy

    Senior Scientist

    ​Just wanted to give a big shout out to Matt and the Team at placeMe IT Recruitment for all their help growing my team last year. Recruitment is tough at the best of times, and I found working with placeMe to be an absolute pleasure - They worked really closely with me to understand my needs, and the culture of our organization (which is a bit unusual and quirky, but we're always looking for people who will thrive in that environment), and then quickly managed to fill the vacancies I had open with minimal fuss and hassle for me.The reason for wanting to do this shout out is that as we work through the challenges and craziness of the COVID-19 situation, I looked at what my team managed to achieve over the past month or so - As we were transitioning to a work from home environment, we also had an urgent customer request that needed support from the development team - Not only did my team fully take this in their stride, but they ended up developing an all-new solution to the problem, and rolled it out to production within a few weeks. During our Sprint Retrospective, one of my team members noted that a lot of teams would have imploded in a situation as challenging and stressful as this, but we managed to Ace It! I always ask potential candidates what the best team they've ever worked in was - I'm happy to say that the team I am in now is the best I've ever worked in, and I couldn't have set it up without the support of placeMe... Thanks again guys, Stay Safe

  • Calum


    ​Had a great experience working with Greg and Kasia. They were really nice to deal with and very responsive throughout the process. Highly recommended!

  • Daniel


    ​Hands down the best recruitment agency I've dealt with. Ana and Greg actually took the time to find out where I wanted to go in my career, and then got me interviews with the right people. They have a great network in the industry, and I've had nothing but friendly and professional dealings with them. placeMe would be my first recommendation to anyone looking for a job in the IT industry. I've dealt with a few agencies, but these guys went above and beyond to find me a job that I love.

  • Gulshan

    Systems Engineer

    ​Excellent people to deal with. Very friendly, efficient, and genuinely attempt to help people seeking employment. I recommend them highly to people I know in the I.T. industry.

  • Andoni

    PHP Developer

    ​Very friendly and proactive. They move quickly and adapt to whatever your professional skills/interests/preferences are. Kasia and Greg were really supportive and responsive throughout the whole process. Best recruitment agency I have dealt with.

  • Alex

    Business Account Manager

    ​Matt will place you in the right position with a smile and utter professionalism. Will also buy you a beer if you work hard enough! Top man at the top of his game.

  • Mark

    PHP Developer

    ​With the recent pandemic event happening around us, I found myself in the employment market again after finding work in less than a year. I met with numerous recruitment consultants in my quest to find the right next step for me and Greg stood out, head and shoulders, above the rest. Greg is very professional, empathetic and well connected, he quickly established a list of possibilities. As a candidate, he gave me very helpful advice and guidance, whilst ensuring that I get all the details and possibilities. Together with the help of his team, I now find myself relieved that they have placed me on a great company and in a role that will help me achieve my career goals. I was very fortunate to have worked with Greg and he remains one of the gold standard for recruitment consultants.

  • Milos

    Quality Specialist

    ​As a new arrival to the New Zealand job market, with little local knowledge, I was referred to placeMe IT Recruitment to help me navigate the Wellington job market. placeMe IT Recruitment helped me find my first job, taking away the stress entering a new market. They matched my skills with a major New Zealand Telecommunications company to great satisfaction. I can definitely recommend placeMe IT Recruitment as a trusted, no-nonsense partner: Thank you!

  • David

    Network & UC Engineer

    ​Greg has a fantastic personality to make things happen, especially when it comes to job hunting. He never gives up and reaches his goal which benefits everyone. Been great working with him!

  • Joel

    Senior Messaging Engineer

    ​placeMe has helped me in most of my permanent roles in Wellington, and every time I spoke with them they always give consideration of my requirements for career objectives, ensuring that there's a strong personality match between me and the employer while matching everyone's professional requirements. All the roles I have held have been fulfilling and these experiences would have been hard to come by without their help.

  • Stephan

    Team Lead

    ​placeMe IT is a really approachable recruitment agency. They helped sort out a new engineer role that I will be starting in a few weeks. Their constant hard work helped me land this new role in such a short period of time. I would totally recommend the team to assist with any recruitment in the future. They have a great eye for detail.

  • Felipe

    Software Developer

    ​If I could describe the placeMe IT team in one word it would be: efficient. I was looking for a job around one year and the team helped me with interviews and they led me into this process. They were a great support and that is hard to find in other agencies or recruiters. A+ highly recommended.

  • Leanne

    National Aussurance Manager

    In the last eight years, I have been lucky to deal with Matt and placeMe IT as a client seeking new employees.  During all interactions with Matt I have found him to be easy to deal with, extremely helpful, and very understanding of the roles we have wanted to fill.  Matt is flexible and willingly goes the extra mile to find the right candidates.I have enjoyed dealing with Matt over the years and will continue to so in years to come, additionally, I would be happy to recommend Matt to others for their IT recruitment needs.Thanks, Matt & the placeMe team!

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