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How we work: Our Candidate Management team 🔎

How we work: Our Candidate Management team 🔎

Posted on 01 September 2023

👋 ​Meet our Candidate Management team!

Ana Lorena Gonzalez, Recruitment & Social Media Specialist

Vaishali Thapliyal, Candidate Manager

Dom Sonneveld, Candidate Manager

Kasia Was, Client Delivery & Candidate Manager Team Lead

We understand every organization has their version of the “perfect employee”. We understand every candidate is unique. We value your time.

🗣What do we do?

Our Candidate Managers support our Client Managers during job briefs with clients to ensure we obtain full coverage and understanding of roles. We are familiar with most jobs within the IT industry, but we acknowledge there is always more to learn!

We actively reach out to candidates based on the information obtained from the meeting, using various sources. We focus on quality, not quantity - making sure candidates are interested and aligned to the role.

Our Candidate Managers are always up for a chat, constantly speaking to tech professionals in the market to know what roles and skills are in demand, and what questions to ask Clients in terms of culture and work environment.

Our two-step screening process:

  • Initial phone screening

  • In-depth face-to-face/video catch-up

Our process in brief:

Flow chat of our process

Ps. You might have noticed Kasia and Joe are also part of the Client Management team. That's because they do both! As well as sourcing for candidates, they also do Account Management and some Business Development.

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